The Three Key Structures of Effective Communication

"A genius is capable of making the complex simple. An idiot is capable of making the simple complex! " Having been involved in communication skills training for many years, I am constantly amazed at the general lack of knowledge about how to logically structure communication, whether it is in a presentation, meeting, negotiation, tele- or Leer más

The Power or Gratitude and Hope in Collaborative Community Building

Hats off to organizations involved in successful community building! I’m grateful to be working with such amazing community leaders. Together we are shaping community-building initiatives that are making a positive difference in our communities. Many people are successful, I believe, because they combine considerable professional skills with a passion for building community that is rooted Leer más

New Signings For FC Barcelona

The 2008-2009 season is barely finished but Barca is already on the move for some new signings. Calalan giants are looking to add 3 to 5 new names to their list. Left back position First name on the list is Bruno Saltor from Almeria. Saltor is a Spanish player and knows the league and those Leer más

The Art of Defence

Defence is an art that the best coaches in the world consider more important than any other aspect of the game. Covering positions, making timely tackles and even springing the offside trap well is key to stopping teams from scoring. After all, what good is a team that can’t defend a 2 or 3 goal Leer más

Neymar vs Paris Saint-Germain (30/09/2014) HD 1080i

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How to Survive Espit Chupitos Bar in Barcelona

Espit Chupitos is a famous bar in Barcelona, really an authentic city attraction that you don’t have to miss during your Spanish night out. Espit Chupitos is a chupito bar. What’s a chupito? A chupito is a shot, an alcoholic drink served in small glasses. It can consist of one type of alcohol or a Leer más


How Paris Saint Germain changed the football culture with the PSG x Bape and the PSG x Jordan PSG kit. Along with Players like Mbappe & Neymar in there side Football has changed. Follow Me: ►Twitter: